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[C-J] Jolene Application by banANNUmon [C-J] Jolene Application :iconbanannumon:banANNUmon 124 58 SRA: Nakano Takashi (NPC) by ValKrayon SRA: Nakano Takashi (NPC) :iconvalkrayon:ValKrayon 22 24 freckles appreciation by davesexual freckles appreciation :icondavesexual:davesexual 76 9 [D-O-K-I] Ricecake boy by BootyKou [D-O-K-I] Ricecake boy :iconbootykou:BootyKou 44 35
| A Thousand Lies | ~ Kanato x Reader


    "Have you seen the new kid?"
    "Yeah... he's kind of creepy-looking."
    "Doesn't he carry around a stuffed bear?"
    "What a freak..."
    "His hair is strange. It's like, a vibrant purple..."
    "Never mind that, have you seen his face?! Or those clothes he wears?"

    You normally didn't pay attention to the groups of people whispering around you. They just liked to tell rumors and gossip. That's all high school was, anyway. This new student just happened to be their latest victim.
    'Kanato' was his name. You'd only seen him about once, but you had to admit--he was a sight to behold. Not only did his appearance attract attention, but so did his personality. You had yet to hear him speak, but from what everyone said, nothing that had ever come from his mouth had been pleasant. A 'hysteric', the
:iconxyourhero:xYourHero 624 252
(Diabolik Lovers) Yandere!KanatoxReader Attached.
(Diabolik Lovers) Yandere! Kanato x Reader    Attached.
He never showed any signs of letting his precious (Y/n) go. To come to think of it she never wanted him because her heart was captured by someone else. Kanato furiously let out a deep growl when he was watching (Y/n) and her boyfriend, Marco Bott kiss in the alleyway. He wanted her. No one else. Nothing would change his mind about her.
“Neh Teddy. I think we should pay that filthy boy a visit tonight. What do you think?...I like that idea too. Heheh let’s get ready.” Kanato was excited of what he was planning to do.
*The Next Day*
“Hey (Y/n) do you want to see my doll collection?”
“Hm? But didn’t I already see it last week?” (Y/n) nervously smiled.
“Yes but I added a very special new one! I think you’ll love it.” She really didn’t want to go but she knew Kanato would get pissed off if she refused so she nervously accepted, “Good. You made the r
:iconfullmoonlight65:fullmoonlight65 41 4
Little Bunny: Yandere! Kanato x Reader [2/2]
☆Little Bunny☆
Kanato Sakamaki x Shy! Human! Reader
"I can't wait to break you."
After that day, the bear-obsessed, sugar-addict started living with me. 
"Hey Kana-chan..." I sigh, feeling uncomfortable in this kind of position. "What is it Usa-chan?" Kanato asks as he looks at me with an innocent expression. "Why do I have to wear this?!" I ask as I look down at the maid outfit with the set of matching bunny ears and tail.
"Teddy thought you would look good...right Teddy?" He whines as he looks lovingly at the stuffed bear.
I raise my eyebrow at the comment, "'Teddy' thought I would look this?" 
"Yes, he's always saying the lewdest things about you. He's such a naughty bear..." Kanato whimpers as he cuddles the bear close. 'Are you sure they're not just all in your head?' I ask mentally as I look down at the black Mary Jane shoes accompanying the provocative outfit. "Though I must say...I find you very attractive as well."
:iconxxxrose-quartzxxx:xXxRose-QuartzxXx 70 9
Little Bunny: Yandere! Kanato x Reader [1/2]
☆Little Bunny☆
Kanato Sakamaki x Shy! Human! Reader
"So who are you anyway?" A stranger asks as he smirks to show off his fangs to me. "I don't know, who are you?" I ask, not looking up from my book. "You must be joking, you must know who Yours Truly is." He laughs off as he pulls the book out of my hand.
'I tire of these games...' I think as I get up from my seat next to the boy. "Yours Truly doesn't care who you are, in fact the only memorable thing about you is how annoying you are." I growl through gritted teeth. "Now give my book back or I will kick your ass and then laugh about it." I say, putting my hand out to him. "Learn your place you stupid girl, otherwise I may have to end up punishing you." He says as his signature smirk makes it's way onto his face.
I couldn't stop it from coming, suddenly I burst into laughter at the vampire. "Yeah! Right! Like I'm going to submit to a guy who can't even dress himself properly!" I breath out, trying to c
:iconxxxrose-quartzxxx:xXxRose-QuartzxXx 97 11
'' I just want to hug you '' by naznaz95 '' I just want to hug you '' :iconnaznaz95:naznaz95 281 82
Shizuos Adventure with Shimeji
Shizuo was angry. Naturally, he always seemed to be angry nowadays, what with that flea always showing up to annoy the snot out of him. Always when he least expected him, too. Shizuo slammed the door to his apartment angrily with a little more force than needed and cursed under his breath as it flung open again. "Stupid door flinging around and not shutting.." he rambled as he trudged back over to the door and shut it again, this time silently.
He sunk into his easy chair and was eternally grateful that he had found the darned thing a year ago. Without it's soft comfort he wouldn't have a place at home to relax besides his bed or in the shower. Sighing, he undid his tie and pulled his worn laptop onto his lap. Shizuo found that browsing the web for an hour a day distracted him while his easy chair did its magic in relaxing his tired muscles. He tched in disappointment when he had no emails other than the usual junk mail in his inbox. He closed out of his email box and sat there, tappin
:icongiveortake:Giveortake 47 9
RED PANDA SKULL HANNYA. by Akumashugitattoo RED PANDA SKULL HANNYA. :iconakumashugitattoo:Akumashugitattoo 254 41 Hannya by titi-artwork Hannya :icontiti-artwork:titi-artwork 409 20 Hannya by Hanh-Chu Hannya :iconhanh-chu:Hanh-Chu 520 48 Hannya by genniieeee Hannya :icongenniieeee:genniieeee 599 54
Play Thing. Yandere! Izaya x reader
    A/N while I didn’t feel it violent enough to warrant mature rating reader discretion is advised.
    You were being followed again. Ever since you’d moved to ikebukuro you’d had the longest string of bad luck. You’d been mugged, beaten, nearly ran over, dangled from the top of a tower, and now you were being stalked. You sighed what was it about you that was attracting all this trouble? You’d never had any trouble like this at home.
    You continued to walk having to force yourself to walk slow and not give yourself away. You were almost to your apartment. You began to walk up the stairs breathing heavily if you could just reach the top you could get to your apartment and to safety. Slowly you opened up the door then closed it. You sighed with relief you were safe. You felt a sharp pain in your head and then darkness.
    You came to slowly everything was blu
:iconmokaevans-yamimoka:mokaevans-yamimoka 114 9
Hearte Bunny Reference Sheet by Kaze-Hime Hearte Bunny Reference Sheet :iconkaze-hime:Kaze-Hime 6,143 266


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『White; Silver hair so soft, eyes that twinkle with purity. A smile so kind and loveable, a touch so gentle and frail. Weak and filled with childish hope, so unprepared for the worlds cruelty. 』

『Black; Raven hair thick and untamed, Coal colored eyes that Pierce ones very soul. With posture of a beast, and a gaze made of stone. Accustomed to the Bitter cold, they throw their hopes away. 』

「 Perhaps your first impression was that these two were enemies? Well, you'll be surprised to learn that it is quite the opposite.
They hold a cherished Symbiotic bond between each other. 」

「 The gentleness and childish optimism of the White is comforting to the Black- Furthermore, the healing nature of their kindness soothes their aching wounds. 」

「 The White does not come up empty handed, however. As they gain protection for their smaller and much more fragile frames. And they get to witness a new side of the "Beast", a side that only they can see; A gentle and protective side. 」

「 Today, we are following a duo of this type. One white; Ryla, and the other Black; Eilya. 」

「 It has been a long day at their respective jobs, and they are now heading home together. 」

Ryla held onto Eilya's sleeve as they walked through the crowed of people. It was always this crowded during this time of day, but that didn't make it any less uncomfortable. And through the obnoxiously loud ramblings of others; She over heard a conversation between a specific group of girls Who, had apparently noticed the two of them.

"Of course a black and a white would be together! Stupid little girl probably wouldn't be able to get through a crowd of people without the brute by her side!" A Red Woman said, The Yellow and Blue beside her giving nods of agreement.

Ryla's brows furrowed with displeasure upon hearing this. What's worse was that, in a way, she was right. Due to her small stature, Ryla always kept close to Eilya when in crowds.
But that bit of fact didn't excuse the unnecessary slandering of her friend.
She turned to them, taking a step closer. Eilya's sleeve was being pulled by Ryla's grip as she drew closer to the woman. The Red woman raised an eyebrow at her as Ryla pointed an accusing finger up into the Woman's face.

"How dare you! Eilya is not a brute! She loves animals, she picks up trash! She calms me down when I'm scared and-!"

Eilya's arm was suddenly wrapped around Her friends shoulder, and she was being gently directed away from the group of women- much to Ryla's dissatisfaction.

"C'mon Ryla, our train is here."

The train pulled up and stopped in front of them, the doors sliding open with a barely audible automated voice telling them to be careful when exiting the train. Before stepping into the train, Ryla noticed the threatening glance Eilya shot at the women.

The last available seat went to Ryla, And Eilya stood next to her, holding a ceiling strap.

The train car was packed, but everybody seemed to be preoccupied with books or various technologies. Except for the two friends. Eilya seemed content with the situation, closing her eyes to relax herself even further.

But Ryla's mind was not accustomed to the quietness, and her thoughts began to wander.
The many questions and ideas in her head fiercely fought until only one remained, and she raised her voice, ready to break the silence.

"Hey Eilya?"
The girl didn't move or open her eyes, but spoke.
Ryla looked up at her with a hope-laced thoughtful gaze.
"Do you think that there will ever be a day when nobody judges others for things that they can't control?"

Eilya opened her eyes and was quiet for a moment, but never turned to face her friend.
"I don't."

Ryla's head lowered, seemingly disappointed.
But Eilya wasn't done. She closed her eyes again, and finished her thought.

"There will always be judgemental people out there. If not your color, then they'll find something else to prod at. They're just vicious people, So don't let it bother you."

Ryla hugged her carrier bag and turned her gaze to the dirty floor at her feet.

"I try not to, but.. The way they treat us is so.. Opposite. From the very moment they meet us."

Eilya sighs and finally looks down at her seated friend. Said female locks eyes with the Standing girl.

"Its just their first impression."

Ryla furrowed her brows sceptically.

"What do you mean?"

Eilya leaned up against the pole next to her as the train stopped. Specifically at their desired destination.

"The first thing they see is our colors. And based on our colors, you're weak and naive, while I'm.."

Eilya's words trailed offnear the end. She looked away from her friend and turned to face the opening doors behind her.
Though Ryla still faintly heard her mumble;

She stood up and took grasp of her friends sleeve again in preparation for the crowd ahead. This gave her the opportunity to think more on the subject.

Even though they had each other, it always seemed like nobody else understood them.

When it came to Ryla they were always very demeaning and constantly seemed to treat her as if she didn't understand basic subjects. But this did come in handy at times. If she ever did something wrong or broke anything, people seemed to brush it off; stating that she simply 'didn't know any better'.

But a part of her knew that Eilya had gotten the short end of the stick.

The two of them pushed through the front doors of the station, her grip tightened on Eilya's sleeve, As she was deep in thought.
Though Ryla hadn't fully noticed, it was raining. Not enough for any alarm, as it rained often. But enough for an umbrella.

As Ryla emptily watched her friend open their umbrella, she caught a glimpse of the bandage sloppily applied on her cheek. Her chest tightened at the sight, and her expression became solemn.

That's right, Eilya always got into fights. The most recent case having been less then a week prior.

These were almost never of her own accord, however.
While recalling the most recent conflict, Ryla's eyes watched the rain drops hit the wet cement as she walked behind her friend.

They had spent a lovely day together that day. They saw a movie, ate a nice lunch and even did a bit of window shopping.
But as they were walking home, the fun was cut short by a man wielding a large hunting blade. He demanded that they hand over their money and any jewelry.
Eilya was compliant to the demands, but Ryla refused to give him anything. This is what sparked the fight. The man raised his blade at Ryla, forcing Eilya into action.

By the end of the struggle, they had gained their money and possessions back- But Eilya had also gained many cuts and bruises. the most obvious being a large gash on her cheek, where she had narrowly avoided the brunt of his knife.

But that wasn't the worst encounter. There had been many times where a fight would occur because of a pervert attempting to get to Ryla, or Eilya would accidentally bump into somebody- which often still resulted in a fight even though she'd apologized.

Ryla's pace began to steadily slow down as the scenes replayed in her mind.
All of the times people would call Eilya a "Monster" for standing up for herself. All of the times she would get beaten and bruised; but still get back up.

It wasn't fair.

She stopped entirely, her grip on the taller girls clothing halting her stride as well.

It wasn't fair that people could be so cruel to somebody who didn't deserve it.

Eilya looked back at her friend whose clothes had gotten wet from the rain. Ryla's grip tightened and she rapidly teared up.

It isn't fair.

She looked up at her friend, tears threatening to spill down her cheeks.

"Why are people so mean to you when you didn't even do anything wrong? All you've ever done is protect me! What's wrong with that?!"

Ryla put her head down, allowing her tears to fall to the puddle of rain water at her feet.

Eilya gentely rested her hand on the small girls head, looking at her with a sincere look of despondence- Yet there was an affectionate twinkle behind her tired orbs.

"I don't know, But-"

She gentely pulled Ryla's head to her chest, half hugging her as she held the umbrella in her other hand.
A small, kind smile graced her lips as she rested her head on top of the shorter girls Silver locks.

"I'm glad that you don't either."

Ryla held onto Eilya by her shirt, excepting the girls warmth, having now fully realized how cold the rain was. She burried her face in the softness of the tall girls fur trimmed coat.

Eilya waited just a bit and pulled away, taking away the momentary warmth. She looked at Ryla calmly and chuckled.

"Now let's get home, its cold out here."
Black and White
The idea for this came up while I was daydreaming the other day, so I decided to write it down and share it.

Ryla is so sweet~

If you see any errors in spelling or grammer, Let me know so I can fix it! And if you just have general tips on how to make my writing flow better, I'm always happy to receive some constructive criticism!


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